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As most of you should know by now, Durian project was very successful. The next project from Blender Institute will focus and live action and visual FX, and is codenamed Mango, with the development with specific tools in Blender for that purpose.

In visual effects, there is a general rule that "the best FX are the ones you can't see". I'm sure that Mango will be a very challenging project, and I show below an outstanding making of the HBO's miniseries John Adams. Notice the great attention to details, giving us images in which is almost impossible to distinguish what is captured by the cameras from what was created by visual effects artists:

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(3) Comments

Reyn said:

That sure looks too complicated to begin with but it was a hell a lot of inspiring to see them how they did stuff. Mind-blowing.

BnBGobo99 said:

That is a very awesome video. Great find! I'm very excited to see what the Blender Foundation has in store for their next project, and how Blender will evolve to match those plans.

str9led said:

Amazing what can be achieved blender, I think in the future will be more movies of this type.

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