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I'm a Digital Animation Professor (2D and 3D) at UFMG. MFA and PhD by EBA/UFMG. Free software advocate. Animator, rigger, coder, researcher. You can see some of my works and know a bit more about me at:

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2008-Mar-22: Did you see Shrek?

I mean... the real one?

Maurice Tillet, a very intelligent french polyglot, poet and actor, developed a disease called acromegaly during his twenties.

After that, he went to United States and started working as a professional wrestler, being dubbed as the "freak ogre of the ring".

Before his death, from heart disease at age 51, a friend of him asked if he could make a plaster cast of his face. Maurice agreed, and some people around the net (just Google for his name) says that Shrek was modeled after him. Just a weird coincidence?

*Thanks to Suryara for the tip.

(3) Comments

kernond said:

Wow! There's no doubt Shrek's design was at least influenced by him. Too many things line up for it to merely be coincidence. I thought the first photo was PS'ed. Interesting.

Anonymous said:

Hmm, this must have been some guy. He agreed to a plaster cast of his face after his death?!?!

"After his death, from heart disease at age 51... Maurice agreed..."

Virgilio said:


Thanks for pointing that out, Anonymous! I'll fix it now... =)